Well, COVID, right? My life looked unexpectedly different this last fall and I was not able to write new curriculum for Jan-May 2021.


UPDATE: I will also not be able to write anything for Fall 2021. If you'd like to subscribe to my newsletter (bottom of this page), I'll let you know if I begin again with something in the future.


Please email with any questions.

Click here for last year's (2020) Jan-May curriculum

Children's ministry curriculum that follows the Narrative Lectionary

(And also great for congregations not using the Narrative Lectionary, too!)

Easily adaptable for your congregation  

(whether you use small groups or one multi-age large group)


Curriculum resources for five areas:

Large Group - PreK - Kindergarten & 1st Grades - 2nd & 3rd Grades - 4th-6th Grades

Plus, a Christmas play!


Pick and choose what you'd like to use each week


What is the Narrative Lectionary?


Connecting with God & Each Other

Relationship. Story. Worship. Discipleship. Service. Take it Home.


Free Sample

Genesis 2 & 3

God created us and takes care of us.

"My teachers, families and I love Bloom for the great, age-appropriate ideas, the solid theology, and the ease of use and adaptability."


     -Julie, Senior Minister, Congregational UCC Greensboro

I cannot tell you how incredibly invaluable these resources have been during these crazy times (during the pandemic)! Honestly, watching the videos during these past few weeks have not only kept myself calm and our kiddos, but I know some adults that have enjoyed your messages as well. 

     -Christine, Christian Education Director, First Parish Congregational Church

"We are loving Bloom's materials and believe strongly in the congregation focusing on the same story in worship and education. We had a blast this last Sunday with the obstacle course as we talked about obstacles to our relationship with God and one another."

     -Betsy, Pastor for Faith Formation, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

"I love Bloom resources. I like the connection of keeping the same topic for Sunday School and worship. I hope it helps families build their communication of the story at home."


      -Brenda, Youth Director, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Mount Horeb       

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