Large Group

Genesis 2 & 3

We recommend choosing at least one activity from each section below.
Feel free to use as many activities from each as you'd like!




Note: Speed it up as you go for fun


“Everyone, repeat after me:

Dear God

Thank you for making the sun

Thank you for making the trees

Thank you for making the birds

Thank you for making sharks

Thank you for making rain

Thank you for making dirt

Thank you for making the planets

Thank you for making air

Thank you for making the oceans

Thank you for making apples

Thank you for making grass

Thank you for making my friends

Thank you for making bugs

Thank you for making deserts

Thank you for making clouds

Thank you for making me!



Get kids thinking about the themes; invite anyone to answer.

  • “How do you think God made everything?” (We don’t know how, though we can study science to start to answer that question. Science asks ‘how’ and faith asks ‘why.’)

  • “Why do you think God made everything?” (As we continue to read the Bible we will see that the relationship between God and all of God’s creation is really important to God. God created us to love God and love each other so love is a big part of it.)

Telling the Story


For telling this story you could have one speaker or you could have two speakers, one to give the intro and the other to tell the story. You could also add in people to read the voice of the serpent, Eve, Adam, and God. If this is too long, you can skip the intro and go right to the story. The more you can tell this story instead of reading it, the better. One way is to take a highlighter and mark some keywords along the way so they can remind you quickly about what comes next.


(Intro) “Did you all know that the Bible is made up of a bunch of books? Can anyone guess how many books there are in the whole Bible? (66 books). Today we are going to look at one of the first stories of the very first book of the Bible. Does anyone know what the very first book of the Bible is called? (Genesis).

The first two stories of Genesis are both about God creating the world. Did you know there are two different creation stories? One is a poem and one is a story. So, question for you: If there are two different stories about God creating the world, which one is right? (They both are!) The writers of the stories and the people who put the Bible together were not worried about which one actually happened, because no one was there when the world was created. But they are both TRUE in that they both tell stories about the truth about what God is like, the truth about what people are like, and truth about the relationships between God and people and creation. How many of you are weirded out by all this? In today’s creation story with Adam and Eve, we hear the truth about (1) how God made us and everything to be good, (2) that God wants our help in taking care of creation, and also (3) how pain and sadness came into the world.


(Story) Like we said, today’s story is the second creation story. Has anyone heard of Adam and Eve? This is their story:

Before God created all the trees and grass and animals, there was only dry dirt. Then one day God decided to create Adam. So, he took some of the dry dirt from the earth, formed it like clay into a man, and then blew God’s breath into his nostrils and he began to breath and have life. And so Adam was created.

Then God planted a beautiful garden for Adam to live in and to take care of, full of fruits and vegetables and trees and grass and rivers. In that garden was a tree called the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Kind of a big name, right?

God told the man that he could eat any of the fruit in the garden except for the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. That the moment he would eat from it…. he would die. (say it dramatically).

Okay, so don’t eat fruit from one tree. Got it. No problem. Should be pretty easy, right? Do you think he stayed away from that fruit? (pause for reaction) We’ll find out.

One day God was watching Adam and thought he seemed kind of lonely. God decided to make a partner for him. So, guess who God created? (pause) A giraffe. And a horse. And some fish and some birds. God created all kinds of creatures and told Adam that since he is God’s helper in taking care of God’s creation, he should be the one who gets to name them. Great. So, Adam gives all the new creatures their names.

But none of them were the kind of partner that Adam needed and God knew it. So, one night as Adam was sleeping God took one of his ribs out of his body and used it to create another human. A woman named Eve. Finally, Adam had a partner. And they all lived happily ever after and lived an easy, wonderful life in the garden forever and ever. Right? No!

All was good until one day… a serpent asked Eve, ‘Did God tell you that you shouldn’t eat from any tree in the garden?’

Eve said, ‘No, we just can’t eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil otherwise we’ll die.’

The serpent said, ‘That’s not actually true. God knows that if you eat that fruit you will become like God and know good and evil.’

Eve thought the fruit did look really good to eat and she liked the idea of becoming smarter and more like God. So… she ate some. And then she gave some to Adam who was standing there with her. And then he ate some, too.

And they did become smarter. But also, more afraid. For example, they saw they didn’t have any clothes on and were super embarrassed and made themselves some clothes out of leaves. Suddenly they heard God walking through the garden and they were freaked out and hid from God.

God was looking for them and when God couldn’t find them said, ‘Hello! Where are you guys?’

Adam said, ‘We are hiding because we heard you coming and we were embarrassed because we’re naked!’

God said, ‘How do you know you’re naked? Did you eat the fruit you weren’t supposed to eat?’

Guess what Adam said? Do you think he took the blame for what he did? (pause for response) Nope! He blamed Eve and told God it was her fault. Do you think Eve took the blame for what she did? (pause for response) Nope! She blamed the serpent and said it was his fault and that he tricked her.

God was really sad that they did what God had told them not to do and that they now knew good and evil. Which means they could now choose to do bad things if they wanted. Which means they could do bad things that could hurt God’s creation, including the environment, the animals, other people and even themselves. God had created everything to be good and to live in harmony with each other but now that they had eaten the fruit, they messed up God’s first plan.

But God still loved them and had pity on them so they did not die. Instead God took them out of the beautiful Garden of Eden and life was a lot harder.”


Characters: God, Adam, Eve, Serpent

God: Today I’m going to tell you about how I created everything beautiful and good, and how even when bad choices and suffering came into my beautiful world, I did not give up on it. I love my creation so much.

First, I created a man named Adam. (Enter Adam) He was great. I like him so much I made him a garden for him to live in full of grass and trees and fruits and vegetables – everything he needed to be happy. But he wasn’t happy.

Adam: I’m not happy. (look sad)

God: So, I tried to make him a partner who he could live with. The two of them would be happy and could take care of my creation together. I made all kinds of animals and let Adam give them all their names.

Adam: (Pointing at each imaginary creature – could point at different kids for fun) I’ll call you a penguin. I’ll call you a frog. I’ll call you a bear. And I’ll call you a hamster.

God: But Adam still wasn’t happy.

Adam: I’m still not happy. (look sad)

God: So, one night as Adam was sleeping, I took one of his ribs (Adam is asleep and God takes a rib) and I used it to make another person just like him. This time I made a woman named Eve. (Enter Eve, wave at everyone.)

When Adam woke up, he saw Eve and was happy. (God walks out as God says this)

Adam: I’m happy!

Eve: Hey, me too! (Looks around) Cool garden. Can we eat anything in here?
Adam: Yes, we can!
Eve: Even the delicious looking fruit on that tree in the middle? (Points ahead of her)
Adam: Oh. No. Not that one. We can eat anything but the fruit from that one. God called it, “The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. He said if we eat its fruit, we’ll die.”

Eve: Whoa. That is an amazing name for a tree and I definitely don’t want to die. I’ll try to stay away from it.

Serpent: (Enter as Eve is talking) Actually you guys, you won’t die.

Adam: Who are you?

Serpent: I’m a serpent. It’s like a snake. Plus, I know a lot of stuff. Like the fact that if you eat of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil you won’t die. God just doesn’t want you to eat it because if you do, you’ll become like God and know about good and evil. (Walk back out as Eve starts talking)

Eve: Whoa. That sounds awesome. I definitely want to eat that fruit and be super smart like God. Plus, it really does look delicious. I’m going for it. (mimic grabbing fruit and eating it)

This really is good! Adam, you should try some. (mimic giving some to Adam).

Adam: (Shrugs his shoulders) It does look good… and being smart like God would be awesome. Okay. (mimic taking it and eating it)

Eve: (Putting a hand out to Adam as they are eating) Wait! Did you hear something?
Adam: It's God! Hide! (Hide – even just stepping back, crouching, and covering eyes)

God: Hello! Where are you guys? (Walking back in and calling out, then stops in front of them, hands on hips) Wait a second. Why are you hiding? Did you eat the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil?

Adam: (He and Eve come out of hiding. Adam points to Eve as he speaks) It was Eve, she gave some to me!

Eve: (Points to where the serpent went) It wasn’t me it was the serpent! He tricked me!

God: (Shaking head disapprovingly) Ugh. You guys. Well. You won’t die, but this is really bad. Life is going to be a lot harder for you and all your descendants now that you can choose to make bad choices as well as good. You can’t stay here in this garden anymore but I still really love you and I’ll be with you through everything that happens. (Starts walking them out, in between them with a hand on their shoulders) Come on. We’ll do this together.


“There are a lot of big truths about God and people in this story that we can learn. Let’s think of a top three. Can you think of a truth about God or people that you heard?”

  1. God created everything in the beginning and created it all to be good.

  2. God asks people to take care of the rest of God’s creation, the environment, animals and other people.

  3. People can make poor choices sometimes and can hurt each other’s feelings. We learn that pain and suffering in our world don’t come from God but often are the result of people’s poor choices.



The Hippo Song – This would be a good one to focus your music time on, learning the words and the actions and having fun with it.

You could also use:

He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands 

The Butterfly Song 


Three-Legged Obstacle Course

“When God created people, he created us to be partners in taking care of the earth. It’s not always easy but we are to figure out how to work together and to even have a little fun as we do it.”

Explain that they’ll be doing a three-legged obstacle course, working together as partners to try to get stuff done. Standing side-by-side, tie their inside legs together as well as their arms (or they can link arms and not use them).

You can do whatever kinds of obstacles you’d like, here are some suggestions:

Walk forward

Walk backward

Walk backward on a winding piece of masking tape on the floor


Carry a balloon between their sides

Crawl under a broomstick held up by two chairs

Walk sideways to fit between a skinny pathway (two stacks of chairs, e.g.)

Jump rope