Large Group

Genesis 2&3, God created us and takes care of us







“Repeat after me!


Dear God,

You made frogs

and you care for them.

You made trees

and you care for them.

You made monkeys

and you care for them.

You made phytoplankton

and you care for it.

You made us

and you care for us.

Thank you.



Favorite  Place

"Did you know that God created everything in nature? Trees, fish, birds, grass, the earth itself, people - everything? And not just each individual thing but made everything connected to each other through ecosystems. The more we learn about science, the more amazed we are at how God created the world and everything in it! And nature really is a gift from God. Scientific studies show that people feel happier when they spend time in nature, whether it's at the ocean, hiking in the woods, going to the lake, or even gardening or playing in your backyard. So, my question for all of you is: Where is your favorite place to spend time out in nature? (Take some time to hear their responses)

Thanks! When we feel grateful for the places we love outside, it is like a prayer of thanksgiving to God and what God has made." 

Telling the Story


Who you'll need:




Narrator (voice only)

Snake (voice only)

Narrator: This is one of the stories of creation that help explain what God is like, what people are like, and the relationship between God and people. In this story, we hear that God created the world and everything in it! All the plants and animals, the rivers and oceans, and even the first people, who were named, Adam and Eve. (Adam and Eve walk in waving at everyone) God had made for Adam and Eve a very lovely garden to live in where life was always good and wonderful and easy. Not only that, but God would come and visit them there. (God walks in waving at everyone)

God: Hello, Adam! Hello, Eve! How are you both doing today?

Adam: Good, thanks!

Eve: Yeah, great!

God: Wonderful! Hey, I have a question for you. I made all of this (indicate around you) and I've been taking care of it. I was wondering if you two would help me take care of everything I created. We would work together - and not just you but your kids someday and their kids, and so on? What do you think?

Eve: We would love to help you take care of your creation! 

Adam: It will be fun! Where should we start?

God: How about helping me with naming all the animals? 

Adam: Super fun! Will do! (God walks out)

Adam & Eve: (Pretend to point at different creatures and say things like, 'let's call that one a frog' and 'that looks like it should be called a bird.')

Adam: Oh, what should we call that one?

Eve: Hmmm... it's so slithery. How about sssssnake?

Adam: Ha! Perfect!

Snake: (Speaking from a place where kids can't see you - Adam and Eve look at the same spot on the ground as if that's where the snake is.) Yessss, a great name! Thankssss.

Eve: You're welcome!

Snake: By the way, don't you think that tree over there hassss the best looking fruit in thissss entire garden? (Adam and Eve look up at the same spot like they are looking at the same tree next to them)

Adam: (Look back at the snake spot) Oh, yes! That is called the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. We can eat any fruit in this garden except for that fruit otherwise we'll...die! 

Snake: Haha! No, no. That'ssss not true. The truth is that if you eat it, you will be just like God and you'll be able to know sssso much more! You'll have sssso much knowledge about life and good thingssss and bad thingssss. But God doesn't want you to know thesssse thingssssss.

Adam: Huh. I wonder why?

Eve: I'd like to know those things. And the fruit really does look good (looks back up at the spot where the tree is). Hmmmm..... You know, I think I'm going to try it. (Pretend to reach out and grab a piece of fruit from a tree and then start eating it. Mmmmm! That is so good! Adam, you really have to try it! (Pretend to grab another fruit from the tree and give it to Adam, who pretends to take it and start eating it.)

Adam: Oh man! This is delicious! 

Adam & Eve: (Wipe your hands and finish chewing and as you do, look around like you are thinking about something new, and then look at each other and say:) Whoa! You're naked! I'm naked? I'm naked! (Turn quickly so your backs are together, facing opposite ways)

Eve: This is so weird!

Adam: Wait a second. Did you hear that?

Eve: Hear what? (pause) Oh no, is that God coming? Quick! Hide! (Adam & Eve hid behind something or just crouch down as God walks back in)

God: Eve? Adam? Where are you? 

Adam: We're over here, but we're hiding from you.

God: What? You're hiding from me? Why?

Eve: Because we're naked and don't want you to see us!

God: Wait a second. How do you know that you are naked? 

Adam: It's Eve's fault! She ate the fruit we weren't supposed to eat and then she gave some to me!

Eve: Me? It wasn't my fault! It was the snake's fault! It tricked me!

God: Okay, alright. Calm down. The bad news is that I told you not to eat it or else you'd die. So now, your days on this earth will be limited and eventually you will die. Life will be harder for you now because of what you have done. The good news is that I am still your God. I still love you. And I will always take care of you, even in this new reality you have chosen. (God, Adam, & Eve walk off stage) Oh, and here - have some clothes. (Pretend to give them something as you leave the front)


What Happened? 

  • How do you feel about the story of Adam and Eve? 

  • Do you think this story really happened? It's in the Bible, right?

    • It actually did not really happen. In the Bible, ​we have two totally different stories about how creation happened and they are right next to each other. That means the people who put the Bible together weren't trying to hide the fact that this story didn't actually happen. 

  • So is this story true?

    • It IS true! Not because it actually happened, but because it was written to tell us true things about who God is, what humanity is like, and what our relationship with God is like. ​Things that are always true, even from the very beginning of time. 

  • From this story, then, what do we learn about who God is?

    • God is powerful and creative​.

    • God is compassionate, even when we do the opposite of what is good for us.

  • From this story, what do we learn about humanity?

    • We don't always make choices that are good for us​.

    • Because of our (and other people's) bad choices, there is suffering and hardship in the world.

  • From this story, what do we learn about the relationship between God and people?

    • God lets us work together with God in taking care of creation​ - we are partners.

    • God always takes care of us and loves us, even when we don't follow God's instructions.

Bring Back My Bonny

"When God created Adam and Eve, he wanted them to listen carefully and respect what God had told them to do - and not do. They struggled with it, just as we all do. For a silly way to think about this, we are going to play a game."

Have all the kids sit on the floor with some space around them. Explain that you are going to sing a song to them and every time they hear a word that starts with the letter, 'B' they have to stand up (if they were sitting) or sit down (if they were standing). Start singing slowly so everyone gets the hang of it, then keep speeding the song up each time. Whoever messes up has to sit out - the winner is the last one who is able to keep doing it correctly. The lyrics are:

My Bonny lies over the ocean. My Bonny lies over the sea.

My Bonny lies over the ocean. Oh, bring back my Bonny to me.

Bring back, bring back, bring back my Bonny to me, to me.

Bring back, bring back, oh, bring back my Bonny to me.